English is said to be the language which anyone who speaks is considered a big shot in a country who don’t speak. And it is the language of the noble men who made history. English language has travelled a long way to make a good position where it is now that everyone or every country feels important that English language should be spoke by everyone. Basic English began in the early 1600, where English picked up many other words, rules and regulations which made it so important in this era. English alone was never a language it is a mixture of many languages.

English was first spoken in the 5th century and it was introduced by the Germanic people, even though now the German language has no matching words in English nor English has any matching words but still it was developed by some Germanic tribes who invaded different countries and made sure that their language is spoken by all. When the Britain again conquered Germany and secured their land, the Celtic people used to tell their tales in English by showing actions and performing shows to make people understand the language and their stories. Further, this language travelled to Wales, Scotland and Ireland and from there the English accent picked up different tones.

The Viking invasion made a striking effect on the language because they used to speak more than one language because whenever they won a war, they used to marry their local women and from there they learned different languages and accents which involved English language in a very different direction. The second invasion was of the French, and from that language the English language included many different words and from there the French language also got famous and now French is called the language of love. Basically, all these scenarios show that English got its fame from different invasions and people learned many talents of improving it till date. After these this language travelled to Europe and that was the place from which this language got global and now it is the only language in which the international stock market is running since ages.

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