The Best Time to Send Flowers in Different Countries around the World

There are a few guidelines for the best time to send flowers in Abu Dhabi or around the world. In most cases, the better the time, the less likely you will have to make substitutions. If possible, avoid sending flowers during major holidays and personal occasions. The best time to send bouquets is right before the date on which the recipient is expecting the flowers. It is also a good idea to place the order well in advance to guarantee on-time delivery.

Consider the season and location:

Before sending a flower, it is important to consider the season and the location. In cold country, for example, you should consider sending white orchids to complement the cool marine climate or bright purple roses to accentuate the vibrant landscape. Another tip to remember is to send a country’s native flower. This will connect you to the local culture and environment, and it will make the recipient feel special.

Consider sending a country’s national flower:

For a more personal touch, consider sending a country’s national flower. Some countries are famous for their long, dark winters and its infamous northern lights. The best time to send flowers is between March and May, when the weather is pleasant and when flowers will last the longest. Alternatively, you can send a bouquet on any day of the week if you wish. However, big national holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day can make flower delivery difficult.

Consider the country’s climate:

In addition to the season, you should also consider the country’s climate. In the coldest countries, the cold sea climate means you should send white orchids or a bright purple rose. If you are visiting these countries, you can also send a country’s native flower. This will help you to connect with the place and deepen your experience. If you’re visiting a foreign country, consider sending the country’s national flower to make it more special for your recipient.

While you can send a bouquet to any country in the world, international flower delivery has never been easy. Before the telegraph system, it took days and weeks to send flowers to distant places. Today, it is possible to send a bouquet over a week. In the past, sending a bouquet to other countries would have been difficult. But, thanks to modern technology, international flower delivery is simple.