Building contractors and clients mostly have a love-hate relationship. Disagreements while the project is on-going are a common scenario. But when the time comes that the project is nearing its completion, both parties need to clear the air and ensure that everything will work out just fine.

To settle that differences, a pre handover inspection is needed. Some contractors and clients think that it is not necessary to do a pre handover inspection. But for property owners, this might be necessary. Here are some reasons why you need to go for it:

  1. Check whether the blueprint were followed

The building’s blueprint is an essential document in building construction. The blueprint serves as the guiding map that contractors follow. Not following the blueprint and making changes can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Doing a pre handover inspection would ensure that every detail in the blueprint was followed and any changes made were documented and justified.

  1. Ensure that building meet the industry standards

Building construction might be different in design and made, but every structure should follow the industry standards set by esteemed organizations and governing agencies. A pre handover inspection would determine if every aspect of the construction followed the standard rule – right from the procurement of materials, to the kind of materials they choose, to how the structure is made. If there are inconsistencies, they can notify both parties to implement changes and update the structure based on what the industry dictates.

  1. Check the legalities of the project

Before any project commence to the construction phase, the contractor and client would need to process the necessary papers like building and construction permits. A pre handover inspection would check whether the project met all the requirements set by the governing agencies and the construction is free from any legal disputes.

  1. Check the project documentation

Every building construction requires project documentation to serve as reference for structure maintenance. The project documentation would include the snag list, commissioning reports, warranties of the materials, certification, permits, and operation and maintenance manual. A pre handover inspection will ensure that all documents are updated and compiled properly.

  1. Encourage accountability

The main point of having a pre handover inspection is to know which of the parties would be responsible for correcting the mistakes and inconsistencies. It will also assure that the findings and recommendations will be implemented.

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