All you need to know about NDT

NDT, which also known as Non Destructive Training, refers to the methods of investigating different kinds of material without damaging it and also collecting data. NDT is also known as NDE – Non Destructive Evaluation – or NDI – Non Destructive Inspection.

The primary goal of NDT is to inspect and observe any damaged areas and to prevent them from potential damage.

NDT training in Dubai is mostly used for commercial purposes. Examples of these may include, inspecting weak points in some kind of machine. There are many machines like the rotary kiln in the cement factory, those needed to be inspected, of course without posing any potential harm and keeping it from damaging other parts too. Other examples of this would include the MRI scan of the part of the body that has been injured, you would not want to damage the part that has already been damaged.

Also keep in mind that NDT does not require special tools or any tools at all in some cases.

An example of this is when the investigators observe a part of the machine with a weak point, with only the help of their naked eye, this falls in the category of NDT as the investigators are collecting data to fix the problem without using any tools or anything that might harm the thing.

But the real question you may want to ask is why should you choose NDT above any other method? Here are some assuring reasons to convince you.

  1. Protection: As mentioned above the NDT method is used to find faults or weak points in a machine without harming them. They also pose a threat to human life as a machine can blow up because of the damage caused to it. The NDT makes sure that this does not happen.
  2. Money: We all love to save our money and it’s assuring to know that the NDT method is the best suited for that. This is because it inspects the problem and retrieves the information without causing damage. Not to mention, the damage to machinery can be very expensive.
  3. Precision: The NDT methods are known to be precise and this can come in handy since nothing is more important than having accurate results.
  4. Productivity: Because no damage is done to the machinery, the difference in productivity is almost negligible, the machine keeps producing output.

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