Window tint is a layer which allows a percentage of light to pass through it and stops the most of it. Every state or country has its own law over the car tint. It defines the level and type of tint that is allowed to the civilians and all. Usually the limit allowed for the drivers is 50 percent for the front and window, where as 35 percent for the rear passenger side and windshield. This is so that the front window allows more light to pass in and that the difference in the view is minimal. Find a luxury car service in Dubai for this purpose.


As per a leading German experts service center, window tints provide various different advantages in vehicles such as,

  • It keeps the interior of the vehicle cooler that is because it protects it from the suns glare.
  • Protection from ultraviolet rays is also provided due to the thick layer of tint, which is always needed in the case of sensitive human skin.
  • It also gives a pleasing outlook of the vehicle making it look more attractive.

What the law says

These days new vehicles come with a level of tint on the window, though one might also go for the one without the tint as well. But be sure if you want to go for the tint or not, as you cannot opt for tinted window after choosing the cars without the tint. Whereas one can opt for a darker tint after going for a tinted window car. But if you want to get your windows tinted it can also be done by yourself or a professional which are found in markets.

If one does not follow the rules that are set, then a police man can pull you over and also may fine you for the darker tint. They usually are equipped with things that can measure the tint percentage. If the tint is darker you may be told to take it off as well

 Reasons why window tint darkness is regulated

If your tint is darker than the allowed percentage you may not be able to look out of the window as clearly as you could have without it. This is why it won’t be any safe to drive around in the vehicle at night time. There might be a higher chance of meeting any unforeseen accidents.